About Us

The Center for the Study of Biracial Children (CSBC) was created in 1991 as the result of many requests from across the country – and around the world – for materials, advice, affirmations, and ideas where to find resources.

The express purpose of CSBC is to provide support, assistance, advice, and resources to parents of multiracial and multiethnic children, multiracial children and adults, and professionals dedicated to supporting, affirming and nurturing multiracial and multiethnic identities and diversity. While multiracial education and diversity awareness are very popular topics in schools, colleges, professional organizations, the workplace, and the fields of counseling and therapy, there is a dearth of information about, and support for, multiracial and multiethnic families, children and individuals.

The position of CSBC is that children and individuals who are multiracial and multiethnic have a right to a full, multiracial and multiethnic identity. Further, they have a right to have that identity acknowledged, supported, and celebrated. Finally, we believe that any and all efforts to provide education and training in diversity must include multiracial and multiethnic families and individuals as part of the curricular content.

This is not a site to debate the issue. For us, there is no debate; individuals not only have a right to embrace their full racial and ethnic identity, but also have a right to have that identity acknowledged and celebrated, especially in early childhood programs, schools, colleges and universities, and counseling and therapy sessions. We further believe that psychologically healthy multiracial and multiethnic families, children, and individuals fully embrace their total multiracial and multiethnic identities, and find ways to affirm and celebrate all aspects of who they are.

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